Remote Visual Inspection, RVI, Remote Digital Video Inspection, RDVI, Endoscope, Borescope, Tauranga

We offer comprehensive remote visual inspection services in conjunction with in house welding certification/procedures to international standards (eg ASME, BS, AS/NZS)

We have the right equipment for the job which includes Olympus IPLEX systems capable of stereo measurement- US Federal NIST certified. Wireless LAN connectivity for real time off-site viewing by managers, technicians etc.

Our services range from brief inspections to large scale projects with progressive monitoring and QA management. We can manage your QA systems or implement our own QA procedures with detailed reporting of the surveys.

  • Internal imaging of piping,engines, cavities etc.
  • Fault finding and analysis
  • Manufacturing system efficiency assessments
  • Contaminant identification and assessment
  • Surface condition surveys
  • Condition monitoring programmes
  • Stereo measurement
  • Foreign object and debris retrieval
  • We can assist with writing training/QA manuals