Who We Are?

Remote Visual Inspection, RVI, Remote Digital Video Inspection

We are a small dedicated team of Olympus trained technicians and Certified Weld Inspectors.

Our experience is drawn from many years hands on service to industry as tradespeople which has evolved into Quality Assurance and Inspection.

  • We are a flexible team who will respond rapidly to meet your needs wherever that may be
  • We have an extensive range of cameras and equipment
  • We have specialist tooling and will fabricate specific tooling if your needs are unique
  • We are trained and experienced technicians
  • We will evaluate your needs and work with you to meet expectations and outcomes
  • We provide draft reports on the day with comprehensive reports within 48 hours

We have the equipment, we have the staff, we have the know-how and the can-do, if it can be done we can do it.